Here is a listing of some of my talks, classes and courses for Spring/Summer 2020 so far. I have provided a web link where possible, so that you can read more about it. Email me at for further information, with no obligation.

The most effective way to contact me is to use the above email address.

Most courses are held in various venues in Central London.  See the web links given by each listing for more information.

Upcoming courses and workshops

January 12 2020 Workshop: Introduction to Tarot at Intermediate level:  This short workshop is for those with some tarot knowledge already, rather than complete beginners,who would like to brush up.  Catching up, revision, questions and answers, recapping, one new card spread, build your confidence. At the LSA (see below).


Throughout the month of March 2020: My next Tarot Intermediate course is on 4 x Sundays, all day, at the LSA (London School of Astrology) opposite Euston Station, London.  

DATES: Sunday March 1st, 8th, 15th March + 29th March 2020. 11.30am – 5pm    To book or enquire, the contact details for the LSA are on the link.


A series of Tarot workshops

This is a brand new series of half day Tarot workshops, held once a month on a Saturday afternoon at  Treadwells Bookshop – a special magical bookshop at 33 Store St, London WC1E 7BS

(Off Tottenham Court Rd).   0207 419 8507 Starting Saturday 29 February 2020. All are linked, but each workshop can be taken

individually, and is complete in itself.

  • February 29 HEALING cards:

Star, High Priestess,  Empress, Temperance

  • March 28 SPIRITUAL cards:

Hierophant, Hanged Man, Strength, Sun

  • April 25 DARK cards:

Death, Devil, Tower, Moon

  • May 23 NEW BEGINNINGS cards:

Fool, Judgement, Magician, 4 x Aces

  • June 20 DECISIONS & MOVING ON cards:

Lovers, Chariot, Hermit, 4 x sixes

  • July 25 CHANGE & COMPLETION cards

Emperor, Wheel, Justice, World


My next Tarot Beginners course in London is not yet confirmed.

To be placed on my mailing list to be informed of dates for future Beginners Tarot classes,  email me on

What to expect in a Tarot Beginners  course:

Why does this mysterious set of cards hold such fascination for us? I address this question, and delve deeply into the meanings of each card, exploring numbers, elements, and the symbolism of the Major archetypes. We will do this together through interactive teaching, lectures, discussions, learning card layouts, and  story telling. In addition, I will work to develop your intuition through guided imagery.




Saturday 23 November 2019: I am running an online seminar on the ‘Path of Destiny: The Nodes of the Moon’ for the Faculty of Astrological Studies (FAS) – 3-4.30 pm UK time. To book or enquire, email:  Open to all, all are welcome. You do not have to be a Faculty student,  or at any particular level of study.

 My next Astrology Foundation course, for beginners, is for the Faculty of Astrological Studies. January – July 2020.

This is a Fast Track course, taught in central London over only 6 months, on non-consecutive Saturdays. Same material as the whole year course from October, but faster!!

From Saturday 25 January – 11 July 2020.  For further info, email the Faculty, or me!

I am working with another Faculty tutor, Kim Farley, on alternate Saturdays.

The Fast Track is held over 4 Saturdays and 3 Modules (one Module per term, ending 11 July 2020)

This is tried and tested a one year course, and a professionally taught study of astrology, from complete beginner’s level to being able to comprehensively read a birth chart.


My previous recent astrology teaching experience:

Core tutor (with Carole Taylor) on Foundation Year Astrology 2016-17, Fast Track Foundation course 2018 and 2019

These courses all ran in central London for the Faculty of Astrological Studies. I taught at the Faculty of Astrological Studies Summer School in Oxford in late August 2017 (Module 6, Intermediate Astrology) and I have been teaching various astrology Modules at different levels for at least 20 years.


  • I give lectures on various astrological subjects at other organisations, on astrology, tarot or both, such as at local astrology groups – usually out of London, exhibitions, events etc. To enquire, please email me.



The four of us, listed below, have formed a new online astrology school of our own with a difference: 

The Academy of Astrology

Our new online Astrology course:  – We are four dedicated and professional astrologers who together are  launching this new School. We are:

Rod Chang, Marcos Patchett, Mandi Lockley, and me, Sue.

Check our website, and sign up for FREE astrology videos and a regular newsletter, plus monthly mini lectures, all aimed at Beginner level.



Tarot Circle

This is an established regular group meeting in its fifteenth year, held in North Central London on a Sunday afternoon once a month for three hours.

Open only to those who are already familiar with tarot cards. An Intermediate course level of understanding is needed to be able to join this group.

In this group we work together on a variety of tarot topics, psychic development, and enhancing your abilities and confidence with the cards. Lots of fun and practise!

If you would like more details about Tarot Circle, please email Sue on .

New members are always welcome, and there is no commitment.


Some examples of past talks/workshops

  • The Links between Astrology and Tarot  in May 2017:    

    Day workshop at Cornwall Astrology Group, Landrake, Cornwall

    ‘It was a perfect day with a great subject..well done!’  Val, participant

  • UK Tarot Conference in London on Saturday 10 October I lectured on the Influence of the Minor card images. See for info on this/next year’s Conference.
  • Tarot Beginners Day Workshop: The Magic of Tarot. Saturday 18 July 2015 at Treadwells.
  • Creativity and Change. Evening talk in Croydon. Friday 7 August. At Alternatively Speaking monthly group meetings.

Recently completed international work:

In Melbourne, Australia:   On Saturday 14 March at the Theosophical Bookstore – Magical Thinking and Astrology, and a book signing for Astrology Decoded.

In Melbourne:   On Saturday 21 March at Victorian Astrologers Association (VAA), on the subject of The Power of Chart Imbalances What is missing in the birth chart is just as important as what is present, because whatever is missing tends to have great power over us.  A fascinating astrological exploration.

Tarot workshop at the Riviera Reiki Centre, in the coastal town Villefranche, next door to Nice in France, in October 2014, evening, in English: The Fool’s Journey. 




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