Here is a listing of some of my talks, classes and courses for Autumn/Winter 2018- 2019 so far. I have provided a web link where possible, so that you can read more about it. Email me at for further information, with no obligation.

The most effective way to contact me is to use the above email address.

Most courses are held in various venues in Central London.  See the web links given by each listing for more information.

Upcoming courses and workshops

My next Tarot Intermediate course

is not yet arranged.    To be placed on my mailing list to receive notification, please email me. 


I am running a Tarot Beginners course at the LSA on consecutive whole day Saturdays from 22 September until 13 October 2018

To book or enquire, the contact details for the LSA are on the link.

As an alternative, a new Tarot Foundation course will take place in January 2019 at Treadwells. Date to be advised – check back.

Treadwells Magical Bookshop is at 33 Store St, London WC1E 7BS (Off Tottenham Court Rd).   0207 419 8507


To be placed on my mailing list to be informed of dates for future Beginners Tarot classes,  email me on

What to expect in a Tarot Beginners  course:

Why does this mysterious set of cards hold such fascination for us? I address this question, and delve deeply into the meanings of each card, exploring numbers, elements, and the symbolism of the Major archetypes. We will do this together through interactive teaching, lectures, discussions, learning card layouts, and  story telling. In addition, I will work to develop your intuition through guided imagery.




My next Astrology Foundation course, for beginners, is for the Faculty of Astrological Studies:

This is a Fast Track course, taught in London over only 6 months, on non-consecutive Saturdays. Same material as the whole year course from October, but faster!!

From Saturday 19 January – 13 July 2019.  For further info, email the Faculty, or me!

I am working with another Faculty tutor, Kim Farley, on alternate Saturdays.


Previous recent astrology teaching experience:

Core tutor (with Carole Taylor) on Foundation Year Astrology 2016-17

The course ran from 8 October 2016 – 1 July 2017 in central London for the Faculty of Astrological Studies 

Held over 4 Saturdays and 3 Modules (one Module per term, ending 1 July 2017)

This was a one year course, and a professionally taught study of astrology, from complete beginner’s level to being able to comprehensively read a birth chart.

 I taught at the Faculty of Astrological Studies Summer School in Oxford in late August 2017 (Module 6, Intermediate Astrology)

Faculty of Astrological Studies: 

Other courses I’m running (or have recently run) in Summer/Autumn 2017:

Two local Astrology Clubs  in Cornwall and Brighton and Hove:

Cornwall  Day workshop:  What Links Are There between Astrology and Tarot?

Saturday 6 May 2017 

I explored this question with many examples of such links, and considered the significance of these two profoundly magical systems of symbolism for the individual and the wider world.


Brighton and Hove  evening talk: Children’s charts

21 June:  (Summer Solstice 2017)

What differences are there is the astrologer’s approach to the parents of child’s chart, as opposed to the astrological approach to an adult’s chart? Using examples, I explored this topic in some depth.


AND  our new online Astrology course:  Academy of Astrology UK – begins  in Spring 2018. We are four dedicated and professional astrologers who together will launch this new School. Check our website, and sign up for FREE astrology videos and a regular newsletter, plus monthly mini lectures, all aimed at Beginner level.

I will be running other Tarot and/or astrology courses and workshops elsewhere in 2018. Email me for details if you are interested:


Recent work:

2 x astrology workshops for the Faculty of Astrological Studies:

Online webinar: Intermediate Interpretation on 11 June 2016

Expand and consolidate your astrological interpretation skills. A case study birth chart will be explored from the point of view of both exploring and identifying the chart’s MAIN THEMES, and putting the upcoming cycles of development into context. Looking at current transits, secondary progressions, solar arc directions and the Solar Return chart, and how these influence the birth chart’s key points.

The Astrological Sun on 24 July 2016

The Sun occupies the central place in the Solar System, of course. In the chart, it symbolizes your core personality and sense of identity and purpose. We will explore the Sun’s meaning over the course of the day, through myth and associations, zodiac signs and the body.

‘What do circuses, gold coins, lions and sunflowers have in common? They are all mysteriously associated with the astrological Sun…’


  • Planetary Magic course: description below

I plan to hold a new Planetary Magic course at Treadwells in 2018 (dates not yet finalised.) If you are interested or want to go on my mailing list for this, please email me on

Explore the magical meaning of the seven planets from Sun to Saturn

The course covers the symbolic meaning of each of the planets in depth; their myths, associated angels, a variety of magical practises, and is lots of fun while learning. Learn about planetary hours, colours and incenses, sympathetic magic, and the Western Mystery tradition.

This workshop immerses you in planetary magic. Working with the seven traditional planets, from Sun to Saturn, has been at the core of Western magic for over a thousand years. We will explore the mythological, astrological and psychological meanings of each planet as used in magical thinking and magical practice. There will be opportunities for active participation, and students will be encouraged to bring corresponding objects to build an altar to each planetary power. It can be seen as a journey of the imagination, and of learning different kinds of magical ritual.

Testimonial from a student on a previous Planetary Magic Course:

‘I loved every minute. I was a little nervous at the beginning but really enjoyed exchanging thoughts, feelings etc. with the group. I gained a good insight into the workings of planetary magic and how to apply it’ CB


Examples of some previous lectures/classes/workshops in London and southern England

Thursday 20 March at Watkins Books, Cecil Court, London WC2. Talk on Astrology Decoded, and book signing. This has been recorded for YouTube. here’s the link to the talk:

Friday 4 April at Alternatively Speaking, in Shirley, Croydon.

Chart Imbalances

Exploring the four elements and modes, chart shapings and unaspected or heavily aspected planets to see how this affects the individual’s chart. All terms were explained in the course of the evening.

Group leader is Rick Kingsley:

For details of any talks – venue, times, cost – please email me on  – also for enquiries about Sue’s availability.


A selection of previous talks/workshops/courses:

A Tarot Intermediate Day Seminar was  held at the LSA on Saturday 30 June 2013 :   Tarot Story Journeys

This Intermediate seminar was intended for those who already have studied the basic meanings of the tarot cards, and wished to recap and expand on their previous knowledge.

One creative way to approach tarot readings is to view them like progressive life stories. We explored ways to expand your understanding and build your confidence in doing readings for yourself and for others. In the process we  revisited the journey of the Fool – your own individual journey  –  through the 22 Major cards, gain more experience of combining cards, and learnt a new astrologically based layout. This was a day packed with exciting new insights and information about the tarot.

Recent International lectures/workshops

Two astrology lectures were given in Melbourne, Australia, in March 2015 for the TS Bookshop (Theosophical Society), and the VAA (Victoria Astrology Association.)

A Tarot workshop was held at the Riviera Reiki Centre, in Villefranche, near Nice in France, in October 2014, evening, (in English): The Fool’s Journey.

Using the timeless magical system of the tarot, I considered some universal questions, such as

  • Where are you going in your life?
  • What is your purpose?
  • Who are you really anyway?

A workshop to find out more about what the tarot can teach us, and how you can learn more about using this ancient deck of cards to begin finding answers to these questions. This workshop was interactive, with exercises and a guided meditation.

Other workshops in the south of France are planned for February 2016, details to be announced. Watch this site!


Tarot Circle
This is an established regular group meeting in its twelfth year, held in North Central London on a Sunday afternoon once a month for three hours.

Open only to those who are already familiar with tarot cards. An Intermediate course level of understanding is needed to be able to join this group.

In this group we work together on a variety of tarot topics, psychic development, and enhancing your abilities and confidence with the cards. Lots of fun and practise!

If you would like more details about Tarot Circle, please email Sue on .

New members are always welcome, and there is no commitment.


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