Consultation session times are approximate.


My availability for astrological or tarot consultations in the months January to June 2018 inclusive will be very limited,  mostly because I am making space in order to complete my next book, which is the follow up to Astrology Decoded, covering Forecasting and how to do it. I will only be able to make an appointment during these months if you are a returning client, and I cannot absolutely guarantee this.

If you want to book to see me, I am very sorry, but due to time pressure and my publishers’ deadline to finish this astrology book, I may not be able to see you until October 2018. If it is urgent try me anyway! Sometimes I can make the space. Or I can refer you to a trusted colleague for astrological chart work. (No referrals possible for tarot readings.)

Thank you for your understanding if you have to wait a little while for your appointment. You are important to me! I will be taking bookings from July 2018.

I have not changed my prices for 3 years. I have, as of 1 September 2017, made a small adjustment to most of my prices. See below.

Astrological consultations

Taster session:

If you are new to astrology and you would like a taster for what can be learned about your own birth chart, I offer a short introductory session for the special price of only £60, in person or through Skype.

My Skype name is suemerlyn

Payments I am happy to take payment through Paypal, in person on meeting, by bank transfer or by cheque. Sorry but I cannot take credit or debit card payments yet. If you are paying through Paypal from an account outside the UK in a currency other than pounds sterling, there will be a small surcharge to cover Paypal’s charges to me. 

Personal birth chart reading This is a full astrological consultation and is recommended for first time clients. In the course of this reading I will explore the skills, talents, and challenges that are personal to you as shown by your birthchart, and discuss ways in which you can gain a new perspective on your life. Included is a detailed look at your current stage of life, plus a discussion of ways to make the best of opportunities, events and challenges in the year ahead. 90 minutes £140

Personal birth chart reading (short version) As above, except that this will be an abbreviated session, at a lower price. Useful if you want to focus on one or two areas of your life through astrology. 60 minutes £100

Twelve month forecast This is an annual update on your chart, looking at your year to come. I will look at the developments in your life over the next twelve months, using transits, progressions and the Solar Return chart. This will give you a new focus and direction in your life. 75 minutes £110

Twelve month forecast (short version) As above, except that this will be an abbreviated session, at a lower price. 45 minutes £85

Child’s chart (up to the age of 15) This will include an in-depth look at the child’s character, potentials, natural talents, and behavioural patterns. This consultation will be with the parent or guardian, and will explore positive ways of supporting the child’s development. 90 minutes £130

Relationship charts (known as Synastry) All kinds of relationships between two people can be explored astrologically: couples, parent and child, business partners, etc. This consultation will normally be with both people, if they are adults. The nature of the relationship will be explored, its joys and its challenges. 90 minutes £160

I am based in NORTH LONDON, England. All consultations are face-to face or by telephone/Skype. Each session will be recorded, and you will be sent an electronic copy so that you can listen again.

Tarot Consultations

Full Tarot Reading This can be general or specific, and can explore one issue in depth, or more than one area of your life can be explored, including a look into the future. 60 minutes £70

Quick Tarot Reading Useful if you want to gain insight into one specific area of your life. 30 minutes £50

Year Ahead Tarot Reading Your year to come is explored on a month by month basis, using an astrological layout. 60 minutes £85

I also offer Courses in Tarot or Astrology. I am available for talks and workshops. For further info, see Sue’s Diary


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Posted on October 24th, 2013 at 11:57 pm by victoria lynch 

Hello Sue

I would be interested in the personal birthchart reading. I am away until sunday this week but then i am back on london. When would it be possible to have it? Are weekends an option?

Thanks a lot!

Posted on October 20th, 2013 at 8:39 pm by Katerina 

Dear Mrs Farebrother,
I would be interested to have a Personal birthchart reading consultation with you.
I will be in London between December 27-30, coming from Switzerland.
Please advise about your availability during that period.
Kind regards,

Posted on October 12th, 2013 at 1:02 pm by tania baumann 

Hi Sue, I am interested in taking up an astrology course next year. From Anthony

Posted on September 3rd, 2013 at 12:08 am by Anthony 

Dear Sue,
I would like to schedule a face-2-face 90 min consultation with you.
Do you offer weekend slots /evening slots?
Looking forward hearing from you.
Mob. 07791644404
Kind regards

Posted on August 5th, 2013 at 10:45 pm by Carina Almroth