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 23 January 2014

As January advances to February, so we all collectively move towards an important Grand Cross in the sky which becomes exact in mid to late April. This will involve four planets – Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, all in cardinal signs and at right angles to and opposing each other, forming a ‘cross’ in the heavens. Astrologers draw such a configuration as a box with diagonals across from each corner (see Astrology Decoded, page 153 for a picture, and in the Aspect Pattern section under Grand Cross if your book is on a Kindle.)

Even now in late January, three of the above planets are moving closer to one another… expect more revelations of high level corruption and corporate cover-ups in the coming three months or so.. Financially, the media say that things are improving overall – all I will say is don’t believe everything you read! Take control, if you can, of your own financial position.

Two of the outer planets involved in the coming larger pattern, Uranus and Pluto, have been in square (at right angles) to each other on and off since 2012, and will continue into 2015.  Astrologically speaking, this major square has brought with it many of the huge shifts and revelations in the world – revolutions, coups, whistle-blowing, etc.

These changes are universal, not personal, but they have/will affect many of us on a personal level – has your life been easy over the last two years or so?? Positively, we are in a period when the time has come for hidden issues to come to the surface, hopefully towards a more transparent society, extending to your own relationships and your circumstances.

As I said above, watch this space for further info every couple of weeks or so.

8 January

The new year brings with it a time of re-evaluating relationship issues, and opportunities throughout January to re-order your finances, whether that is working out how best to spend or invest money, or dealing with debts. The planet Venus is retrograde ( apparently travelling backwards as seen from the Earth) until the end of the month, and these are her areas. The planet can also indicate reflections or background actions towards developing your creative expression. Go for it!

28 August 2013

Been away on holiday and so am rather belated in updating my site. The royal baby is not much in the news for now, and as everyone knows, young Prince George is a Cancer after all ( just by a few hours on his birthday. Later that same day, the Sun went into Leo..)

See below for details of my new Tarot Intermediate course which begins next week in central London.

July 11 2013

Two new things to say at present – the Astrology Shop in London’s Covent Garden has my book Astrology Decoded as the Book of the Month due to high sales volumes, which is really exciting! Thank you to the manager and staff there for this honour, and thank you to all of you who have bought my book already – I hope you will find it useful and fun. If you are in London, pop along to the shop to find copies of my book or you can visit them online –

And – I was interviewed on July 11 2013 by a French TV channel, about William and Kate’s imminent royal baby. As the child was as yet unborn, I couldn’t really say much about the birth chart, except that unless the birth is really late, the baby will be a sweet Cancer Sun sign. If the birth should happen after 21st July, the baby COULD be a Leo, but I somehow don’t think so. The due date varies, depending which paper you read or news channel you listen to, but the most popular possible date seems to be 13 July. I CAN say that this child will carry some of the parents’ characteristics if he or she is a Cancer, as William and his mother Princess Diana are both Cancers, and Kate is a Capricorn, with her Moon in Cancer.


What is astrology?

‘Astrology is the study of the planets as they orbit through the zodiac signs, as viewed from the Earth, and the observed correlations with earthly events.’
From my new book, Astrology Decoded 

What is tarot? 

With no other “book” than the tarot, a person could in a few years acquire universal knowledge.’ From Transcendental Magic by Eliphas Levi

Many people seek understanding through astrology, or through the tarot. One purpose is to gain more insight into yourself or another person, or to enhance your perception of a situation. Another purpose is to find guidance during a difficult period in your life, or with a particular issue, to ask if there is a better period coming, or when and how a problem will be solved.

Have you ever asked yourself questions such as these:

Is your life what you would like it to be?

Do you feel able to do what you really want to do?

Do you feel fulfilled by your important relationships?

If you have an occupation, is it meaningful to you?

Astrology and tarot are both profoundly symbolic systems that can deepen your knowledge of yourself, the purpose of your life, and indeed of life itself.

There is much more to astrology or to the tarot than divining your future.

I believe that, based on many years of experience of working with people, you have the power to create your own life, make choices, find courage when it is needed, find your true direction: in other words, you are in control. What I can offer is guidance to open your vision up to new possibilities; help you to deal with change and challenges; support you in becoming more fully who you truly are, in moving towards finding the inner joy that is your birthright.

I do this by working with you using the wisdom of the ancient symbols of astrology and tarot, to enhance your ability to transform your life yourself – and to make it last.

Click here for information about personal consultations face to face, or by phone or Skype.

* * *

New courses

If you are interested in learning tarot for yourself, and you have some experience:

My next Tarot Intermediate 10 week course  will begin on: Thursday 8 May 2014 at London School of Astrology (LSA) in central London. Info on the LSA website.

My next Tarot Beginners 10 week course will begin on   Monday November 9 in central London. 

Please email me on if you would like more information about the content of either course or visit the LSA website. The info for the Autumn Beginners course is not yet up on the site, but will be there during the summer months. For enquiries about the costs and venue for either course, please go to  Sue’s Diary page.

Astrology: If you are interested in learning astrology in a central London class setting, my next Beginners Astrology course will begin on:

Tuesday 6 May 2014 at Treadwells Books, Store St, London WC1 .

Contact Treadwells if you are interested.   Further info on the course is on Sue’s Diary page.

 Talk on Astrology Decoded

I gave a talk about the book, including an author signing, on 

Thursday 20 March 2014

At Watkins Books, Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ

For those unable to attend, this talk has been recorded and will be put up shortly on YouTube. Watch this space!

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